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Unlocking Power Through Movement , 30-minute mobility sessions

The Endurance Athlete’s Key to Maximal Power Output and Efficiency (Includes 4, 30-minute one on one sessions)

Sessions will be scheduled by appointment. Varying of Days & Times are available. 


Mobility restrictions play a detrimental role in nearly every endurance athlete’s performance. By creating additional strength through functional movement patterns, cyclists and endurance athletes can generate more power, maintain better posture, and improve efficiency by saving energy for when it counts.


Thomson Remo, Certified Personal Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Specialist and elite-level cyclist, will show you how to unleash additional power through strength training and movement pattern optimization. 


Sessions are 30-minutes in duration and will include movement pattern analysis and fine-tuning of the primary movement patterns which play key roles in cycling, running, and swimming power development. Each session will include a detailed guide instructing the corrective exercises necessary for continued progress. 


One session every 2 to 4 weeks is recommended to assure adequate progression.


Once registered, you will receive an email from Certified Personal Trainer, Thomson setting up the first appointment based on athletes availability throughout the week/weekend.


Sessions include:

• Movement Analysis 

• Functional Movement Pattern Instruction / Optimization 

• Myofascial Release and Stretching Protocol 

• Detailed Guide to Home Mobility Focused Workouts 

• Continuous Analysis of Improvement over 4-Session Block 


Cost: 4 Sessions $199.00


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